Influencer Marketing

As an influencer marketing agency, we have built our network and hub. We have connections with Thai and international influencers for different market sections (sports, beauty, fashion, health). Our one-off campaigns can be more effective with choosing the proper national or international influencer. With influencers’ power and impact on buyers ‘ decisions, we will achieve effective commercial results.

influencer marketing

What Our Influencer Marketing Expert Do

Strategy Development

We will first study your business and targeted audience.
Our aim is to reach and choose the proper influencer, Thai or international, with having your local and demographic factors in mind. We have influencers for all eras from beauty, health, sports to fashion.

Legal Agreement

We will handle all the legal agreements and obligations between you and your influencer
From the contract duration to influencer’s responsibilities on Social Media and the detailed campaign agreements.

Content Creation

You are in good hands, content creation is our specialty.
We will raise your reputation, brand awareness and client engagement and sales through the unique content just created for your business.


Our success will be evaluated according to KPI’s such as referral traffic, impression, awareness, audience growth and engagement.
We know how important it is to report on your KPIs in order to ensure comprehensive learnings for future influencer campaigns.

What did we do

influencer marketing

What is Influencer Marketing ?

Promoting your business with the use of the power influencers have on peoples’ purchasing decisions. Our goal is to encourage and bring brand awareness to your business through influencers’ voices and reputation among people.

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