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Video Production

Influencer Club is a full-service video production company in Thailand that fuses marketing excellence and visual passion, creating films that define all sizes’ brands.

We are a Bangkok-based production company that produces video and branded content for online channels to help companies grow their business. We dedicate ourselves to help our clients stand out, make their mark, and tell their story.

influencer marketing

Some Types of Content We Can create

Testimonials / Events

With 65% of consumers classified as visual learners, this is an effective way to communicate messages about your business

Build Brand Trust

The more customers endorse your brand, the more people will see these positive testimonials, and the more credible your brand and its messages become because people are backing up what the brand is communicating.

Corporate Videos

Creative video production is our expertise, our passion and our inspiration. Your video project brief is exciting, unique and only a visually stunning, professional video will do.

Generate Leads

The videos we create generate leads, drive conversions and make people want to do business with you.

Advertising Promos

We apply budgets effectively across crew members and resources to ensure we deliver video content that meets your organisational objectives while creating highly watchable content.

Online & Commercial Adverts

Our online and commercials videos are targeted to your audience, can be produced on a tight budget, and can be used to promote local/regional sales or national and international sales.

Product Demos Tutorials

Product review videos allow you to showcase your product through graphic callouts and models to display your product effectively.

Product Review Video

Whether it be Facebook or YouTube; having your professionally created media populate as the first review will direct traffic to your listing

Video Production works

influencer marketing

Influencer Club

We activate one-off campaign activities and ongoing influencer programs on a national and international level and use our expertise to deliver impactful campaigns that deliver precise commercial results.

Please feel free to contact us and let us know all your enquiries

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