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Chaari Spa [Bangkok, Thailand]

Chaari Spa began with enjoying a good cup, relaxing and humbly delightful moments of sharing time with loved ones and developed its essence to incorporate excellent traditional and innovative treatments.

Chaari Spa opens its doors to welcome you to celebrate the beautiful journey through the fragrant smell, refreshing taste, and heavenly healing touch of the treatments that combine a variety types of tea-inspired essential oils to rejuvenate, renew, nourish, detoxify and revive you from your tiring day.

Chaari Spa is located on the second floor of Ari’s new A-One and decorated in soothing, neutral tones with blue porcelain accents. Escape from the busy world outside and step into the world of natural touch with the skillful spa techniques and the wisdom of healing therapies we have to offer you in Bangkok.

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