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Foreste Cafe By Anna-Nava

Foreste cafe by anna-nava is a coffee shop in a natural forest style. This is a green cafe with a nice view of the waterfall and forest feel in the middle of Nonthaburi. It is quite a pleasant place to visit just for a relaxing moment if you have a chance to go to Nonthaburi. Today, our beautiful Thai influencer who is a fashion model visits the Foreste cafe by anna-nava:

Forste Cafe is not far away from Bangkok and you do not need to take a vacation. Just take a lunch break or after work and sit and relax and take beautiful pictures. The cafe has just opened and is located next to Anna Nava Hotel, nearby Nonthaburi and divides into 2 zones:


  • The front entrance zone is an air-conditioned restaurant and we can order food or coffee.
  • The outside area is like a forest and beautiful waterfalls.


The setting is amazing. There is even a mini waterfall in the back. The trees are beautiful and the service staff is kind and awesome. Really highly recommended cafe in Nonthaburi province Thailand.


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