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Havana Social Bangkok

Havana Social Bangkok is a lovely Cuban-themed bar with a 1940’s Havana style and excellent Latino music in a beautifully atmospheric interior that is really well-thought-out; it looks like an authentically intimate and cozy bar in Havana. The drinks are magical with classic rum cocktails.

The Havana Social is full of details, secret code for entrance through the telephone booth labeled “Telefono” and the bouncer will give you the number to get in. You’ll need to call Havana Social for the entry code. Step inside the phone booth, dial the secret code, and a false door in the back of the phone booth swings open. Even when it comes to the restrooms, where you can listen to revolutionary speeches of Fidel Castro while looking at old posters. 

The Havana Social Bangkok is located on a small alley down Sukhumvit Soi 11 and 1 km north of the Nana BTS station.

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Havana Social Bangkok [BTS Nana]

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