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Muscle Factory Bangkok

Jill is a swimsuit model in Thailand and she is the 2nd runner-up Miss Thailand 2018. Today she has paid a visit to the Muscle Factory a popular gym in Bangkok. Muscle Factory is the largest gym in Thailand for people who are serious to achieve their goals. Muscle factory coaches bodybuilding, powerlifting, strongman, and weightlifting courses.

Muscle Factory Bangkok is suitable for all gym-goers, it’s a size-friendly gym. This inclusive gym covers individual needs no matter what their level is, with all kinds of equipment and an affordable price; 320 THB per person a day.

Muscle Factory Services:

  • Powerlifting Coaching
  • Strongman Coaching
  • Weightlifting Coaching
  • Muay Thai Coaching
  • Boxing Coaching 
  • Bodybuilding Coaching 
  • Contest Prep Coaching
  • Personal Training Coaching
  • Nutrition Consultation Meal Preps

Muscle Factory Images:

Muscle Factory Map:


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