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Secret Wonderland [Bangkok Oasis Hotel, Thailand]

Secret Wonderland is a hidden restaurant in Oasis Hotel right before the expressway toll on Rama VI in Bangkok.

As you can see from the name, this is a Wonderland-themed restaurant where you can enjoy live music and tasty food at the same time! The place is nicely decorated and looks great.


Secret Wonderland offers exclusive menu items. The restaurant is peaceful, has good service, is very responsible for customers, delicious fusion food mostly is Thai fusion or Thai-style western food.


Secret Wonderland pairs premium ingredients with a stunning oasis garden of a fairytale-themed restaurant, serving international cuisine alongside bottomless drinks. If you are living or travel to Bangkok, Secret Wonderland must be one of the places to visit and it is one of the top restaurants in Bangkok.

Secret Wonderland Bangkok Oasis Hotel Map:


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