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Thai Airways Catering

Thai Airways Catering has tried to bring entertainment and aviation to life by transforming their head-office canteen into a plane-themed experience for those missing dining at Thai airways flights. From outstanding designs and decorations to a delicious meal all are accessible at Thai airways catering.

After climbing the air stairs as if you are going on board, you will be welcomed by Captain and Crew and may take pictures with them if you wish. The area is decorated with an Airbus A380 aircraft model, a real mock-up boarding gate, airplane spare parts such as the engine, compress stage, and landing gears, used as dining tables with purple, pink, and yellow airplane chairs illuminating Thai airways seats.


There is a drink corner near the stage where a band is playing instruments. The interior area, designs, decoration, and the crowd bring the airport into one’s mind, “so alive”.


This airplane-themed restaurant and catering in Bangkok have it all, whether you choose to dine at First class, Business, or economy. The Business and economy class is located on the first floor and the first-class VIP lounge is on the second floor. The food at this restaurant is beyond expectations.


VIP lounge of first-class is 1,990 THB per person, for starters, the main course with 3 different options and dessert served by cabin crew. The head chef will explain the customized international dishes to you. You can experience the Thai airway’s first-class seats while enjoying your meal.


The entrance for the business class is 699 THB and the cabin crew will serve the guests. The economy dining area has different national cuisines, from Western, Japanese, Thai, Indian, Chinese, and Arabic, whichever you choose you can order and enjoy.

Thai Airways Catering Map:


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