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The Aileen Cafe

Today, we are going to the most extensive rice paddle field cafe in Thailand. The Aileen Cafe is the most famous cafe and tourism attraction in Pathum Thani. How far is Pathum Thani from Bangkok? It takes roughly 1.30 hours to drive a car. It’s really worth going for so far.

The cafe’s main highlight is the sandy beach zone where there are several beach chairs, and it looks like a natural beach. But the difference is that the view of the sea is replaced by a green rice paddle field. It is so creative, and The Aileen Cafe has so many corners for photography.

Food and beverage are also available and strongly recommend. You can sit and enjoy the rice paddle fields’ view in the quiet evening. Just come and experience it, and you will love it. Pathum Thani weather is not that much hot as in Bangkok.


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