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Grand Canyon Chonburi

Thailand also has Grand Canyon! This canyon is in Chon Buri province, not far from Pattaya city. Grand Canyon Chonburi is on the way from Bangkok to Pattaya, and it is a vast, deep hole with blue water, and it is an impressive landscape.

Grand Canyon Chonburi is an excellent place, and it is nice short sightseeing where you can sit and enjoy this beautiful view without any noise. Grand Canyon is one of the hidden attractions near Bangkok, and it’s worth photos. This place must never be missed.

Chonburi is a city on the eastern side of Bangkok, about an hour, and it’s a trendy spot for local Thai people to get away compared to Pattaya, and the city is buzzing on the weekend. Chonburi has lots of excellent coffee shops, beaches and is known for its Grand Canyon right outside the city. Snow Mountain, a rock quarry, is also located adjacent to the Grand Canyon.

Grand Canyon Chonburi


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