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The Hay Equestrian Center & Eatery

The Hay Equestrian Center & Eatery is an elegant restaurant and horse riding school in Bangkok. In addition to the horse riding school, The Hay Equestrian Center & Eatery offers various dishes from Italian, Spanish, Chinese, and Thai dishes

The interior of the shop is spacious. Most of them were inspired by Mr. Boonyawat Adulsiriphong, the owner of The Hay, who spent time in Norway. The style is Scandinavian, and most material is wooden. For horse riding, there are two alternatives for riders to choose from. You can start with the beginning level and then the intermediate and advanced levels.


The Hay Equestrian Center & Eatery is a friendly atmosphere where you can recharge your energy with suitable activities. Like riding a horse and fill your stomach with delicious food


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